The Team

We’re a team – and you’re a part of it. We’re here to guide you in the world of wine, beer, spirits, and bring you products that are different, delicious, and worthy of your dollar. We believe in better bottles for every budget, and we taste everything before it lands on our shelves so we can give accurate recommendations and/or gently force you to purchase things we’re obsessed with. We also love hearing suggestions from the community, so if you think something is missing or want to place a special order, just speak up!

As far as the lady in charge, that’d be our owner Melissa Zeman. Melissa has worked in Chicago’s wine industry for 10 years and has dreamed of owning her own shop for the same amount of time. The fact that this shop exists still blows her mind. You’ll also often see her husband Danny floating around the shop or leading the popular Dumbing it Down with Danny Wine 101 Class. It’s a riot.


owner, wearer of many hats (literally), party planner

How did you get into this industry?

What is most important to you as owner of a small business?

Community, community, community. My goal is to bring people together and create memories.

What’s your go-to bottle?

The one that’s closest to me.

What do you like about the Lakeview East neighborhood?

Work-life balance is important. Outside of the shop, what do you do?

Outside of the shop? When is that? JK, JK. Soccer, mischief, attempting to cook, cheesy rom-coms, sweatpants, continuing education, planning vacations…and then hopefully going on them.


enginerd, the numbers guy, party-goer

What’s your favorite part about the beverage industry?

Meeting new people and building memories over drinks with friends.

What are you excited about?

Being a part of Beeperoonie’s (Melissa) dream of owning her own shop. And hopefully a nice 2020 vacation.

What’s your go-to bottle?

I move in trends but really enjoy all wine. Food always comes into play, but a pinot noir or sauvignon blanc works for anytime drinking. When I’m getting fancy I go to bubbles, sushi takes me to sake, and when it’s a steak I will drink big.

When you’re not helping out at the shop, what do you like to do?

When is that?! Jokes aside, and outside of my job as a civil engineer, intramural soccer, coaching wrestling, and seeing family/friends burns up my free time.