What We Believe

We believe in making a difference.

We believe in saving the planet.

We believe a healthy, balanced life should include enjoying a drink or two. (see: Blue Zones)

We believe sarcasm is an effective form of communication.

We believe in supporting our community and neighborhood businesses.

We believe in good ol’ fashioned kindness.

We believe in the underdogs.

We believe laughing can solve problems or at least make them more tolerable.

We believe shopping small is a way of life.

We believe love is love.

We believe in gender and racial equality.

We believe things are looking Up.

We Believe in yoU.

Some organizations we support/have supported:

The Canopy Club | Causing A Stir | No Kid Hungry | The Alzheimer’s Association | Recork | The Loveland Foundation | the body: a home for love | Greater Chicago Food Depository