There is truly nothing we love more than helping you make someone’s day.

Whether it’s a bottle, two bottles, six bottles, a gift basket, a gift card, or a membership to our BU Club, we’re happy to customize your gift, make it look pretty, include a message, and deliver (fee based on distance).

To start, simply email us the below information, and we’ll get back to you with options.

Recipient Name:
Recipient Address:
Recipient Phone Number:
Gift/Wine Preferences:

*Think they might like some BU Swag? Check out our collection at the T-Shirt Deli!

**Is this a wedding gift? How exciting! We have ideas on how to make it extra special. Just ask!


There is also truly nothing we love more than helping make your own day.

Our inventory changes weekly. There are FAR too many wonderful producers out there for our shelves to stay stagnant. Because of this, we’ve chosen not to list our inventory online. Plus, we very much prefer the one-on-one experience either in the shop or via email to help curate a personalized selection for you. Think of us as your alcohol concierge. Alconcierge? Sure.

Just email us the below details, and we’ll get to work.

Drinking preferences:
Number of bottles:
Pick up or delivery:

We believe in teamwork, so if you think of something that you want to see on our shelves, please let us know! It’s a wide world of alcohol out there, and we’re always open to suggestions and special requests.

[Psssssst: We have an “Unofficial Case Club” that is very unofficial but also a very good way to stock up every month or two. Ask Melissa about it.]