What’s the BU Club?

A Club for wine discovery and a gosh darn good time. Check it.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely. We try to hand deliver as much as possible, though shipping in-state is also an option. Fee depends on the destination!

Can you ship out of state?

America’s alcohol shipping laws for retailers are, in a word, silly. So yes and no – depends on the state. Contact us and we can tell you for sure.

Are you open seven days a week?

Oh yeah. We’re only closed four days per year, so chances are today isn’t one of them. Check our Google listing for the most accurate hours!

Do you do events?

Abso-freaking-lutely. We’re back to in-shop (and out-of-shop) shenanigans! Follow us on social or sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date schedule/announcements.

Do you do public tastings?

“First Fridays!” 5:30-7pm on the first Friday of every month. We launch the new artist, open fun bottles to taste, and sometimes have live music! Dancing encouraged. Always.

Do you sell gift cards?

Totally. Hard copy AND digital. Because we know last-minute gifts are a thing.

Do you have “natural wines” and/or orange wines?

For sure. Both categories are part of our rotating inventory, so ask us what’s new!

Do you carry [insert specific request here]/Can you get [insert specific request here]?

We’re a wee shop so it’s impossible to carry everything at all times. We want to keep you happy though, because that’s literally our job. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and special orders are totally doable. Just contact us or come on in to chat!

Do you love puns?

Punreasonably so.

What’s your favorite bottle?

Come on. Do parents have a favorite child? Exactly. So we’ll never tell.