Champagne Special Club

“But first, Champagne.”

We believe Champagne is not just for special occasions but for all occasions. Because all occasions are special. Even if it’s a non-occasion. Which happens occasionally.

Champagne Special Club was created with this sentiment in mind and with the goal of creating a safe space to learn about and drink Champagne. We’re talking about the real stuff (Champagne, France!), and we’re also talking about small producers with grower practices and limited quantities.

As far as we know (and we know), this is the first Champagne Club in Chicago. We owe it all to our Club partners, Steve and Garth – a.k.a. S’Mo and G Dougie – of Champagne Happy Hour. They are our Champeople…and your Champilots…and it’s going to be a damn, good flight.

Fill out the membership form here and email it to Melissa!

“We don’t always drink Champagne, but when we do, it’s always.”